I am 3 years into SysAdmin work, with the last 2-plus years working for a small MSP. It has been challenging and exciting, taking on different roles in the company. Currently as a Field Technician, work is generally break-fix in a Windows environment, adding/removing users, creating data shares, working with vendors and addressing Managed Services alerts across network, server and workstation devices. With break-fix, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of balancing resolution of the current issue with educating customers on business-practical improvements needed in their IT infrastructure. It is a good feeling to develop that trust and see those investments benefit their ecosystem.

Edit – 2017-2018 saw a historic increase in ransomware. Planning and executing full disaster recovery was instructive in rebuilding a business tech infrastructure, recovering data and implementing preventative measures – at a rapid pace to minimize business downtime.

Previous to Field Tech work, the majority of my time was as the sole NOC Technician for the Managed Services department – a developing role for the company and full of opportunity while supporting solid offerings. I developed an immense appreciation for teamwork on projects and escalating tickets efficiently, but I was successful in that job because I embraced the sense of ownership that comes with being responsible for my own department. Queue for internal dialogue: “Work current tickets and escalate when needed so that more time can be allocated to developing managed offerings.” To progress and move into Field work, I trained my successor and maintained continuity through the transition.

Systems Administration traverses a dynamic spectrum of specific knowledge and broad troubleshooting skills such that everyday is a learning opportunity and is interesting.

I think my career trajectory is in bridging Systems Administration with Software Development. Since most of the overhead in creating software is maintenance and since much of SysAdmin work is reactive to software changes, there is much opportunity for overlap and streamlining across these fields.

I look forward to advancing this journey!