• Static websites

    Remember when we had to create our own websites with Wordpress and either pay for hosting or maintain our own database? I just created a few Static Websites (including this one), hosted on Github Pages. Thanks to Dean Attali for sharing all his hard work and making the beautiful-jekyll repository... [Read More]
  • Home lab – webserver

    A project this year was to build a public-facing webserver that hosts hobbies. It promotes responsible ways to use our time, during this COVID-19 isolation, and was an opportunity for me to learn new skills. This included learning the terminal for headless Ubuntu 18.04, Docker Compose, Nginx, LetsEncrypt, Fail2ban, Rclone,... [Read More]
  • Work experience – phase 2

    I am 6 years into the tech world – the last two have been on the networking side of things. It’s useful to see, in a granular way, how and when to architect the flow of traffic. The principles of least privilege I used previously with something like shared folders... [Read More]
  • Work experience – a beginning

    I am 3 years into SysAdmin work, with the last 2-plus years working for a small MSP. It has been challenging and exciting, taking on different roles in the company. Currently as a Field Technician, work is generally break-fix in a Windows environment, adding/removing users, creating data shares, working with... [Read More]